Thursday, 17 May 2012


1.Nitroglycerine is denitrated by.
p] @Glutathione q] Glucuronidation r] Acetylation s] Hydroxylation
2.Nucleophilic substitution of the following is a ring opening.
p] Acetates q] Sulfates r] Nitrates s] Epoxides t] @all
3.Major lymphokines involved in delayed hypersensitivity reaction include
p] Interleukin-2 q] Interferon-gamma r] TNF alpha/beta s] @all
4.Following utilized to detect immune complexes.
p] Raji cell test q] Polyethylene glycol-mediated turbidity (nephelometry) binding of C1q r]@ both s] none
5.Arthus reaction is .....hypersensitivity.
p] Type I q] Type II r] @Type III s] Type IV
6.DOC for elevation of cyclic-AMP.
p] epinephrine q] isoproterenol r] phenoxybenzamine s] theophylline t] @all
7.Chromolyn sodium inhibits mast cell degranulation, probably, by inhibiting.
p]@ Ca++ influx q] Na+ influx r] k+influx s] cl- influx
8.DOC for lowering of cAMP.
p]nor-epinephrin q]phenyl-epinephrin r]propanolo s] @all
9.Eosinophils may also control the local reaction by releasing.
p] arylsulphatase q] histaminase r] phospholipase-D s]prostaglandin-E t]@all
10.Leukotriene C4, D4 ARE same as histamine but ......TIMES more potent.
p] 10 q] 100 r] @1000 s] 10000
11.ECF-A is
p] dipeptide q] tripeptide r] @tetrapeptide s] pentapeptide
12.Following is an isomer of lawsone.
p]maple ) q] birch r]beech s] @juglone
13.DOC β-blocking and Ca++-channel blocking activity can worsen heart failure.
p]@propafenone q]moricizine r]flecainide s]mexiletine
14.Following activates plasminogen. Select false.
p]dicumarol q]t- PA r]streptokinase s]@urease

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