Sunday, 26 February 2012



1-Liquorice- Ulignified Septate fibre
2-Solanacoeus Plants- Anisocytic stomata
3-Rhubarb- Star spots
4-Squill- Ca oxide raphides
5-Cardamom- Clothing of glandular trichome
6-Quillaria- Thin membrane arillus
7-Digitalis- Glandular Trichomes
8-Atropa Belladona- Anisocytic Stomata
9-Verbascus Thapsus- Clusters of Ca Oxalate
10-Artemisia- T-Shaped Trichomes
11-Stromanium- Phloem Fibres
12-Nuxvomica – Lignified trichomes
13-Fennel- Reticulate lignified trichomes
14-Coriander- Wavy sclerenchyma
15-Indian Dill- Lateral ridges with vascular bundle
16-Anise- Branched & unbranched vittae
17-Cinnamon- Absence of cork & cortex
18-Ginger- Non Lignified vessels & starch grains , Endodermis with no starch
19-Collapsed Endodermis
20-Caraway-Collapsed Parenchyma
21-Chenopodium-Epidermis with no trichomes
22-Chirata- Stomata on lower surface only with no trichomes
23-Cinchona - Large sclerenchymatous bast cells with Medullary ray.
24-Cinnamon- Parenchyma cells with starch.
25-Colchicum- Spiral Ducts, Parenchyma with starch
26- Coriander- Prismatic and aggregate crystals of calcium oxalate
27-Saffron- Trichome of stigma
28-Turmeric- Parenchyma with pasty starch
29-Digitalis- Glandular trichomes
30-Euclyptus- Crystal bearing fiber
31-Gentian- Large reticulate ducts
32-Liquorice- Parenchyma with crystals and starch
33-Hycyamus- Endosperm tissue with proteid granules and oil.
34-Ipecac- Parenchyma with raphides
35-Mentha- Trichomes, simple, showing cuticular markings (a medium sized trichome).
36-Pilocarpus- Aggregate crystals of calcium oxalate.
37-Podophyllum- Reticulate ducts and tracheids, Spiral duct, Aggregate crystals of calcium oxalate, Cork
38-Quassia- Medullary ray with starch, Large porous duct
39-Rheum- Parenchyma with starch, resin and crystals, Reticulate ducts.
40-Senega- Parenchyma with fat, Cork & Porous duct.
41-Senna- Bast of vascular bundles, Crystal bearing fibers from vascular tissue
42-Stromanium- Parenchyma cells of petiole
43-Strophanthus- Endosperm tissue, showing oil and crystals, Outer tissue with granular proteid matter and starch
44-Tobbaco- Parenchyma (collenchymatous) from midrib,Leaf parenchyma with chlorophyll.
45-Ginger- Parenchyma with starch and one cell with resin
46-Belladona- Tracheizds and spiral duct, Leaf parenchyma cells with crystals,Bast Cells, Porous ducts & Crystal Sand

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